About Us

Insight Metering Systems is a division of LETD (Leading Edge Technology Development, LLC). LETD was founded by Don Augenstein and Bob Beede, two iconic engineers with extensive experience in designing, developing and distributing ultrasonic flowmeters. Don worked with Cal Hastings (Caldon) developing the very first 8 path ultrasonic flowmeter for liquid hydrocarbons. Bob as Caldon’s global distributor successfully sold meters around the world. Caldon’s LEFM multipath ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids became the world leader and the flowmeter of choice for measuring liquid hydrocarbons in Fiscal/Custody Transfer applications.
During his time at Caldon, Don also developed the 8 path ultrasonic flowmeter for natural gas. The gas ultrasonic meter was another pioneering meter, the first-to-market 8 path flowmeter for natural gas.  

Our Motivation

Insight Metering Systems (IMS) was founded because we identified a crucial need for a company genuinely committed to serve customers in the US and the Americas. A company able to offer innovative, accurate and reliable ultrasonic flowmeters, having the ability to build, deliver and service these meters efficiently and promptly. 

Our Vision

To provide the most innovative, accurate, reliable and practical flow measurement systems, at the most competitive value and accessibility. Our objective is to provide our customers with the service they deserve, share our knowledge, educate and empower them to make intelligent, beneficial and safe decisions in their quest for development or improvement of their flow metering systems.

Our Core Values

  • Passion in what we do, listening and learning from our customers, fairness and honesty to our customers and allies, accountability on everything we say and do,
    provide best quality products and services, and commitment to continuous improvement.
  • We do not act like big corporations with regards to how we treat and value our team members, our customers and our partners.
  • We offer the ability to put a name and face with the business (vs. a website or 800 number)
  • We believe in the fairness principle

Our Differentiation

  • We’re a measurement company, our core business is flow measurement and our products are ultrasonic flow meters
  • Our expertise, passion, and focus in flow measurement is unrivaled
  • Our history, we’ve been designing & developing ultrasonic flowmeters for over 50 years.
  • Our technology breakthroughs are widely used today
  • Our iSonic 8X flowmeter was reinvented integrating our heritage of knowledge and today’s latest technology
  • Our cost-efficient modular construction and strategic sourcing partnerships allow us to build high-quality flowmeters at substantial cost savings for customers
  • Technical support, our experts reside in the US, keen to provide support on software configuration, troubleshooting, training, and even design changes
  •  Delivery, meters and spare parts in stock and standard delivery 10 weeks or less
  • Warranty, every flowmeter comes with a 5 year warranty

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